Art Suite nel Cuore di Napoli.

Why in the heart of Naples and not another name?

We could think and choose, trivially, among the many beautiful names that effect the beauty, color, taste and liveliness of Naples could suggest us, but we did not. We did not look for a special or particular name, it arrived naturally, instinctively we let ourselves be fascinated by its history and its position, what it represented and could not be that particular place of simple reception, it had to be a hug that transmitted all the sensations and the warmth of our city. Try to imagine how many and what experiences are possible while staying in the heart of Naples.

Finally, the magnificent portal of Palazzo Monteleone has its own heart set inside a shell as a symbol of the building, which then became our logo. So, the right name for this comfortable, comfortable and welcoming residence is right in the heart of Naples. Obviously it is visible on the portal of the building.

Art Suite nel Cuore di Napoli - B&B

Where we are.

We are in Naples, at number 53 of Calata Trinità Maggiore, between the chiselled stone of the sixteenth century Palazzo Pignatelli di Monteleone, the church of Gesù Nuovo with its hidden melodies on the enigmatic ashlar facade, the church, the cloister and the bell tower of Santa Chiara and the obelisk, from the 18th century of the Immaculate, which towers at the center of the Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, we are in effect in the heart of Naples..

Piazza del Gesù - Napoli

So, where a long time ago, there were austere convents, churches embellished by the creativity of the Baroque, clusters of hooves of steeds, shining carriages that came and went from princely stone buildings that make up the urban fabric around the square, today c 'is a swarm of artisanal, artistic, cultural and gastronomic activities. Here, in the heart of Naples , everything is close at hand, craftsmen in glass, copper, ceramics, shepherds, violin makers, tailors.

In addition there is a dense concentration of museums and art places. As well as starred restaurants, typical cuisine and above all the best pizzerias in Naples.

Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, is crossed by the lower decumano, better known as 'splits Naples', because it divides the city into two.

In the heart of Naples is the special place to spend a relaxing cultural and emotional stay through the 3000 years of the city's history. Where the streets will talk to you through piperno, skilfully shaped by valuable architectures that act as a stage for the liveliness, colors, smells, tastes, curiosity and multiculturalism present in Naples. Where tourists, coming from all over the world, voluntarily get lost in the alleys of Naples that then open onto truly unique spaces and views. All this will exert a special charm that will captivate our guests.

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